Deciphering the Roles of Glycoproteins in Prokaryotes

Protein glycosylation, an inherent trait of all forms of life on Earth, is crucial for a multitude of cellular processes. Yet, for most prokaryotes little is known about which proteins are glycosylated, and how this modification is involved in their cell biology. Given the importance of prokaryotes as the cause of various human diseases, and as beneficial actors in microbiomes and biotechnology, it is crucial to advance our understanding of the roles of prokaryotic glycoproteins. The Schulze lab at the Rochester Institute of Technology is dedicated to this aim, using the strengths of functional glycoproteomics.


Our Research

The complexity and diversity of protein glycosylation in prokaryotes complicate their analysis. Therefore, we use an interdisciplinary approach, which combines bioinformatics, proteomics, and cell biological assays for the functional, syste-wide analysis of glycoproteins.

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Tools and Resources

Research thrives through collaboration. Therefore, we make our tools available for everyone - open-source and openly licensed - and follow FAIR data sharing principles for all our published datasets.

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The Group

The Schulze lab is a dynamic team of Undergraduates, Master students, and Student Research Assistants. We promote a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, cultures, identities, and ideas, all of which are invaluable to the advancement of scientific research.

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